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Rachel let out a small noise from deep in her throat when his hand slipped in between her legs. She let out a choked whimper, her eyelashes fluttering against her cheeks, her lip once again pressed between her teeth. Her hips gently arched, and when his thumb pressed against her clit, her eyes widened.

“R-Really?” She breathed, trying to stay focused on his eyes while he slowly began sliding his finger inside of her, making her entire body tremble. Her fingers dug into his shoulders. “You really… Wanted me?”

He began pumping his finger in and out and her eyes fell heavily shut again. A warmth was already spreading through her body, and she felt a gentle tug in her heart, prompting her to lean up and kiss his neck gently.

“Finn,” she breathed against his skin, her voice small and soft. “I don’t… I don’t want this to happen on the floor outside your bathroom.”

Stilling the rhythm of his fingers, Finn’s lips quirked in a smile. “Oh, so you think you’re special enough to gain access to my bed, Berry?” Glancing down at her breasts, her nipples perky and hard, he managed a soft shrug. “I suppose you’re dressed for the occasion.” 

Finally standing up (and thankful for the chance; his back was already aching), Finn scooped Rachel into his arms and carried her bridal style into his bedroom, gleefully watching as her boobs bounced with every step he took. He was too busy staring, in fact, to notice the suitcase that was pressed up against his wall. He’d been too lazy to unpack it after his trip away with the band, and as he neared the bed, his foot caught on the corner of the suitcase, sending Rachel flying.

Luckily, she fell with a light thud on top of his mattress, and thankfully, it only made her boobs bounce even more; he definitely couldn’t complain.

"This more to your liking?" he teased, giving her the chance to back out if she wanted to (though he wasn’t sure he would be able to control himself).



She felt like her heart stopped beating for a moment, at the same time as it felt like it was going to beat out of her chest. He was so honest, his eyes dark and thick with lust. For her.

Feelings she hadn’t let herself feel in a long time tickled their way back into her body. Longing for his hands and mouth on her body, to be with him completely. She knew she wasn’t supposed to let him, but at that moment her lust for him overclouded everything else. Her bottom lip gently slipped between her teeth, and her other leg slid up and over his.

“I want you too,” she admitted quietly, and she let out a small moan when Finn’s mouth crashed over hers again. “God, I want you so much,” she whimpered between kisses, pressing her body up against his.

There were really only two outcomes to Finn’s confession; hot sex or hot denial. He’d more than expected her to slap him across the face, actually, but to hear her say she wanted him, sober…

He was sure he was having a very realistic sex dream. Still, not one to pass up on an opportunity, he kissed her back fervently as she whimpered and writhed underneath him.

She was naked, like, actually naked, already fucking wet.

This was what dreams were made of.

He hadn’t been honest though. He hadn’t mentioned what he’d really wanted to do, make love to her, but he figured they had all the time in the world.

His teeth nipping at her bottom lip, Finn slipped a hand between her thighs, his calloused thumbs brushing against the damp skin he found there (though whether it was from the shower or his touch, he couldn’t tell).

"All I’ve ever wanted is you," he murmured against her mouth as he pressed a finger against her core with an experimental grunt.



His lips were on hers before she even had the chance to really understand how they had ended up on the floor, and only a few moments later her lips parted, a whimper leaving her lips when his tongue entered her mouth. Her fingers grasped on to his hair and she kissed him back heavily, both panting as they made out on the floor like a couple of horny teenagers.

Rachel let out small whimpers, her tongue running over his, her foot slipping up his leg. It settled between his knees, causing her core to press right into the rock hard bulge in his jeans. She moaned out his name, her body arching slightly off the floor, breasts pressing into his chest. He tore his mouth away from hers and attacked her neck, and she whimpered, panting heavily.

“F-Finn, what are we doing?” She whispered as he licked a drop of water from her collarbone, making her body tremble and her skin to break out in goosebumps.

Keeping his gaze on hers as his tongue swept a bead of water from her skin, Finn felt like his heart was about to beat out of his chest.

"I want you," he said, his voice husky and honest and raw with lust.

Now or never.

"I want you, Rachel. I want to do you, screw you, fuck you, and not like in that shitty porno, ‘cause I’m gonna take care of you, alright?” To emphasise his promise, Finn ran a finger down her collarbone, smiling when she gulped and shivered. “Really good care of you.”



Rachel was just getting out of the shower when she heard the fire alarm set off, and then heard Finn yell her name. Several scenarios ran through her mind, all of them involving Finn getting trapped in some way under a burning furniture, and she sprinted out from the bathroom, without actually grabbing a towel.

“Finn, are you okay?” She shrieked, entering the kitchen, ready to find Finn passed out and smoke everywhere. What she found though, was Finn’s wide eyes and the light burning from the popcorn on the stove.

Her mouth fell open, and for a moment they stared at each other, before she gasped and turned back around, running back towards the bathroom.

Finn ran after her, apologizing for scaring her, and when she tripped on the carpet, he fell too. On top of her. His body was pressed against her wet and naked one, and they stared at each other again, too stunned to even breathe.

Time seemed to stop as Rachel’s naked, wet boobs appeared out of nowhere. Was he dreaming? Had there been some kind of drug in that fucking vegan ice cream? Because there she was, in all her glory, glistening and speechless and perfect.

Until she gasped and disappeared back into the bathroom. He hadn’t meant to scare her (he’d kind of been concentrating on not burning his apartment down), so in a fit of ‘oh crap, I need to apologise’, he chased after her, only to literally fall into some kind of fantasy.

On the floor, naked Rachel, barely any space between their mouths.

So he did what any guy would have done; he sprung a boner and kissed her square on the lips. Maybe it wasn’t his finest moment, and maybe she’d hate him for the rest of his life, but he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity (even if he was going to squash her to death).

Her lips were as perfect as they always were, plump, soft, sweet, and hell, how was he supposed to control himself? Before he knew what he was doing, he was cupping her face in his hands, his tongue begging for entrance as he let out the softest of groans.



She tried to not do that, but after ten minutes she realized that cold showers didn’t exactly work the same way with women, and that she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. So she found herself leaning against the cold wall, her eyes closed and hand cupping her pulsing core. She began rubbing her clit, shivering and whimpering quietly.

Finn’s face showed up in her mind, and she found herself getting even more worked up. She should have been imagining Jesse, but she couldn’t seem to remember his face at the moment. All she could see was Finn.

She didn’t even need to think about his body, his face was enough to have her panting, and it didn’t take her long with her fingers until her legs began shaking beneath her as she moaned out his name.

She stayed on the same spot for a couple of minutes, staring at the wall across from her, her breathing slowly returning to normal. Then her eyes filled with tears, and she quickly began washing off again. She was marrying Jesse, and here she was, fingering herself thinking about her best friend? What was wrong with her!?

Once satisfied (as much as he could be when all he wanted was Rachel), Finn washed his hands in the kitchen, licking his lips as he kept glancing towards the bathroom. Rachel still hadn’t returned, and he was getting worried about her, mainly…

Mainly because he’d had a terrifying thought, and it made him sick to the stomach.

That was just it; what if she was sick? What if she was in there because she kept feeling nauseous or something?

What if she, you know…

Morning sickness.



He couldn’t think about Rachel and Jesse babies without wanting to be sick himself. To try and distract his thoughts, Finn set about to making more popcorn, though he kind of regretted that when the fire alarm started going off.




She had to tell herself to keep breathing when Finn stroked her hand. His touch seemed to shake her entire body, and at that moment she found herself wondering why she wasn’t kissing him right now, touching him like the woman was on the screen. Fingers tightly wrapped in his thick hair. Tongue deep in his warm mouth. His solid body pressed against hers. Her cheeks pinked and she quickly nodded, even though she had only gotten the last part. “I-I think you’re right, we… I-I need to go to the bathroom.”

She quickly left the living room, closing the door to the bathroom behind her. She leaned back against it, her eyes squeezed shut, and let out a tiny moan of frustration. Her heart was pounding almost as hard as the ache between her legs, and panicking, she reached and turned to shower on. That’s what guys did when they were turned on right? Cold showers.

She stripped down and shivered as she stepped under the cold spray of water. She washed herself frantically, hoping to wash away the attraction she felt towards her best friend.

Finn stared up at the ceiling  and felt his whole body shiver as the sound of the shower filled the room.

Was she-

Cold shower?

No, he couldn’t think like that, couldn’t imagine his best friend naked in his shower, trying to cool off after what they’d just watched, because the more he pictured her throbbing with need for him, the harder he found it stay away.

And the harder the noticeable bulge in his pants became.

Was Rachel really so stubborn that she couldn’t allow herself to admit that she wanted him? 

Then again, if what Santana had said was true, she’d had to deal with the same kind of rejection before, and he still kind of hated himself for that.

The only thing that kept him from fucking her in the shower was the depth of his love, as messed up as it sounded. If he went in there and made her feel uncomfortable (or made her cheat on Jesse again), there was a chance that she’d be scared off, and he couldn’t have that.

But he couldn’t just sit there with a raging boner, either. Confident that he could still hear the shower on full blast, Finn slipped a hand in his jeans, cursing himself for getting in such a situation. He was nearly 30 for god’s sake; he thought he’d outgrown getting off to bad porn.



She let out a slightly choked giggle, her eyes wide as the camera zoomed in on some very intimate parts. God this movie was so bad, but she found herself unable to look away.

“Y-Yeah,” she stuttered slightly as the other girl showed up behind the man and began practically chewing on his neck. “Who sounds like that during s-sex anyway?”

She tried to act normally, but it was so hard when he was right there next to her, when she found herself drawn to him. Her hand accidentally slipped of her thigh and brushed against Finn’s that was resting between them. The both of them sucked in shaky breaths, but didn’t move their hands.

He remembered exactly how he’d sounded in that very same situation, Rachel’s mouth around his dick, and those kind of thoughts weren’t really helping him stay focused. He was about to protest (“Nah, not at all, he sounds like he’s being mauled by a cat”) when her hand brushed against his, and he felt his heart jump through his chest.

God, she was turning him into a mess.

Without thinking it through, he took her hand in his own, rubbing the pads of his thumbs over her knuckles as he shot her a bashful smile. “I guess this wasn’t the best idea, you being engaged to someone else and all.” Finn licked his lips and found himself staring at her mouth. Shaking his head, he gulped. “We uh, don’t have to watch anymore, if you feel u-uncomfortable.”



Two girls? Normally, this would be the time when Rachel spoke up about the way they treated women in these movies. It wasn’t the first erotic movie they had watched together, and she usually felt very strongly about those things. Now however, when she was already so worked up that her head was starting to feel a little light, she could only stare as the dark haired woman joined them, and began undressing the man.

The jeans he was wearing somehow brought her mind to Finn. He wore jeans too. And no matter how ridiculous that was, it turned her on even more. She heard a small groan from her side, and she pressed her thighs together, suppressing a whimper.

“E-Everything okay?” She asked, her voice a little breathy, her eyes shyly in her lap, flicking back to the not so covered up blow job on the screen, her cheeks warming.

"Y-yeah, peachy," he breathed out, his eyes wide, fixed on the screen as the Rachel lookalike took the guy all the way to the back of her throat. "She doesn’t have a gag reflex," he muttered, and he gulped painfully hard as he crossed his legs and tried to conceal the bulge in his pants.

If he had to rate it on a scale of one to ten, it’d probably score a two and a half. He was a dude, alright? He’d seen his fair share of raunchy movies, and as far as this one was concerned, it was garbage.

It was a whole other story with Rachel sat beside him. God, all he wanted to do was grab her and kiss her, or hell, just hold her and whisper how much he loved her, but instead he forced out a fake laugh when the guy started cursing profusely.

"I don’t think he’s gonna be winning any Oscars."



She was practically shaking already before he even mentioned the word porn, and when she realized what he was saying, she felt like she couldn’t breathe. The thought was enough to make the throbbing feeling in her lower abdomen intensify, and she knew that this is where she was supposed to go back home to Jesse. But her head didn’t seem to get to make that decision.

“Okay,” she almost breathed. Finn’s eyes widened, and she swallowed. “I-I mean I usually don’t judge something before I… See it.” God this was such a bad idea. She was already close to taking his hand and moving it up underneath his boxers that she still was wearing. She licked her lips when Finn stumbled to put the movie in. He sat back down next to her, none of them trusting themselves to touch each other.

Rachel felt her entire body tremble when the opening credits began, featuring a strip club where women wearing nothing were dancing over men wearing very little. Usually she didn’t really get the whole porn thing, but when one of the women sat down on a man’s lap and he began sucking on her nipple, wetness pooled between her legs.

Would he have suggested watching something like this if he hadn’t had the hots for her? Maybe; it was a tradition of theirs to watch bad movies and laugh about them together, an inside joke if you will.

Did it make a difference now that he was madly in love with her? Hell yes. Before, he probably would have laughed the terrible acting off, maybe even imitated a few of the super corny lines (‘Are the sprinklers on in here? Because I’m really wet.’), but now he- He just-

Basically, it was actually the worst idea he’d ever had. No matter how awful the acting was (seriously, it was bad bad), he was still watching sex with the girl that he wanted to fuck until their bodies ached. Worse than that, he wanted to make love to her, again and again, which didn’t help when one of the strippers took a man’s hand and led him into a back room.

Which was, apparently, some kind of sex dungeon. Thanking a God he didn’t believe in for the fact that Puck had never dragged him to one of these places, his eyes practically bugged out of his head when a second girl came to join them.

A second girl who was an eerie double of Rachel Berry.

Okay, so to anyone else, the similarities would have been difficult to spot, but Finn was so fixated on his best friend that he could spot every feature that mirrored hers. The actress’s eyes were a darker brown and she was slightly taller than Rachel, but it didn’t take much imagination to imagine himself in the guy’s place when porn!Rachel started grinding against his lap.

When she began to unbutton his jeans and kneel on the floor, Finn closed his eyes and let out a quiet groan.



She barely had time to react before she felt Finn’s warm tongue against her skin, and her body felt like it caught on fire despite the cold ice cream. He licked her face, and sucked on her lips, and she felt like she was going to burst. Her lips fell apart when he pulled back, and she stared at him through heavy eyes, cheeks pink and lips swollen.

“I-I told you,” she said weakly, just as he brought the spoon to his mouth and licked the back of it. A jolt was sent through her body, arriving between her legs as she stared at his mouth. She suddenly didn’t know what to do with herself. His eyes innocently met hers, and she tried to hide how turned on she was getting by turning towards the TV with a tiny clearing of her throat. She wasn’t going to do this again. She had a fiance. Her eyelashes fluttered softly when he traced her leg. God.

He had to reign himself in, no matter where all his blood was rushing. Best friend, not home wrecker. Best friend, not home wrecker.

Trying to pay attention to the TV, he continued to run a hand along the inside of her leg, getting higher and higher until his fingertips were gently caressing her thigh.

"Porn," he blurted out, his cheeks flushing as she looked at him in confusion. "I uh… Remember, a few weeks back, you told me about that porno that got, like, really bad ratings? I uh, I managed to track it down, and I thought that…" He gulped and laughed nervously. "Maybe we could watch it together, and, you know, make fun of how shitty it is…? I mean, if you want to."

He looked down at his lap, his ears bright red.